This is Lea, a 4-year-old with heart problems necessitating medical attention every now and then. Her 8-year-old sister Abir also has a condition, severe asthma. These girls' vulnerable states have forced their family to move out of what is left of their damaged Karantina home.

Issues like severe leaking have created a very toxic and dangerous place, for Abir especially, to be living in. The father is now unemployed, and though the family is temporarily living with relatives, they need to move back to their Karantina house as soon as possible. Doors and windows are now being taken care of. We especially need help for the leaking issue which otherwise attracts mold (a type of fungus that would be very detrimental to Abir's severe asthma).

The family also needs money for the girls' treatments. To donate, you can contact them on 76 903 695 or donate on our online fundraiser.