This is Eleni, after having woken up from a 4-week coma following the Beirut explosion. This migrant worker was in the home of her sponsor in Mar Mikhael when everything collapsed. She lost consciousness and sustained massive head trauma and a leg injury.

On the left, Karim Kattouf, an activist who helped locate her through our platform in the aftermath of the explosion. He had been told that Eleni was taken to an unknown hospital, which was later confirmed to be AUB. Karim and an NGO took it upon themselves to follow up on her case and put her through extensive rehab and physical therapy at Cheikh Khaled Center in Ouzai. They also secured accommodation by placing her with a woman who kindly agreed to house pending her flight to Ethiopia.

Eleni's survival is quite the miracle and though she is now back in Ethiopia, she has lost everything. She has lost the ability to carry out any physical activity (i.e. work). As she was intubated, she lost her voice which remains extremely weak. She has also lost all her savings and belongings which were presumed stolen or lost under the rubble.

The Beirut explosion has robbed Eleni of everything.

With a deceased father and a mother in dire need of medical attention, Eleni needs a helping hand. To this end, Locate Victims Beirut created a fundraiser dedicated to helping Eleni get back on her feet. There is no reversing the effect of the Beirut blast, no one has the power to do that now. All we can hope to do is give her some clarity and help in the midst of all the chaos she is going through.