My son was filming the explosion when it happened. He was on his shift as a taxi driver and was severely injured, with 7 broken chest bones. He was rushed to the hospital, and glory to God, he survived.

But now, the circumstances are forcing us out of Beirut.

The blast has damaged our home. And the injuries my son has sustained have created complications with his respiratory system which are also forcing him to leave the polluted air of Karantina. My grandson, who was recovering from an open-heart surgery also inhaled chemicals/substances from the explosion which have led to his hospitalization.

We have been able to secure a place in Aaraya, a rural area, but it costs up to 750.000 LL per month and we still don’t know how we will pay for that. The bills are piling up. My son has already lost his job as a taxi driver, lost his car and has no income to support his family.

My grandson survived open heart surgery at 5 days old against all odds. Doctors said there was no hope. Now my son has survived a deadly explosion. Please be our third miracle, give us a way out of this.

We have personally interviewed this family and have verified all information provided. If you want to donate money, or help them in any other way, you can DM us or contact them directly on 70 012 561.