Spirit Unbroken

6 meters square, a broken refrigerator, devastated closets, and shattered windows, this place hosts Leila, her sister Sabah and 2 of their relatives.

A Destroyed Source of Income

“I was a taxi driver and I spent day and night working to put my 4 kids in a private school, and now look at us; their back-to-school will be in a..."

Remnants of a House, a Home

Khalaf Faraj, stands with his family of 6 in what is left of their home. It’s been a month since the blast occurred and they're still removing the rubble.

"They’re Here With Me, Alive"

Mutaz, a Syrian port worker, sits with his three children on the makeshift bed that they have been sleeping on outside of their destroyed home.

The Story of Lea and Abir

This is Lea, a 4-year-old with heart problems necessitating medical attention every now and then. Her 8-year-old sister Abir also has a condition, severe asthma.

Doctors Said There Was No Hope

My son was filming the explosion when it happened. He was on his shift as a taxi driver and was severely injured, with 7 broken chest bones.