The LVB Database

Largely known as the primary source of verified information during the August 2020 Beirut Port Explosion, the LVB Database is trusted by several organizations, hospitals and emergency personnel. Below you shall pertinent data of those directly affected in the blasts and their current status, first created to assist on-the-ground personnel and and help relatives locate their families.

Update: As of the 4th August 2021, it has a year since the Beirut Port Explosion. While its effects are still apparent and much work is to be done, we believe that our right to publicly and ethically host the database of survivors, victims, and those affected by the blast has now become void. This grim day, we mourn the departed, pay respects to the martyrs, and remember the strength and resolve with which Beirut responded. Remember and never forget.

If you still wish to have access to our complete database which includes the phone numbers and pictures of individuals, you can send us a message that concisely explains the (ethical) reason behind your request along with some form of identification. The authority to accept or deny this request lies with LVB.