The Youth of Tomorrow, Bringing the Change Today

We are Locate Victims Beirut, an international project founded in August 2020 with the mission of finding and amplifying the stories of victims of discrimination, poverty, physical/emotional abuse, or abuse of any other kind.

More About Us

Economic Crisis

A deep economic crisis after successive govts piled up debt following the 1975-1990 civil war.

Unstable Politics

Political elite that had exploited state resources for their own benefit necessitate change.

Coronavirus Impact

Curfews and lockdowns proven insufficient with a peak rate of 2100 cases a day in November 2020.

August Blasts

Over hundreds of fatalities, thousands wounded, and several hundred thousands displaced.

Their Stories

Featured below are stories of survivors and their relevant contact details so you may help them out directly.

Doctors Said There Was No Hope

The blast had damaged our home and the injuries my son has sustained have created complications with his...

The Story of Lea and Abir

Issues like severe leaking have created a very toxic and dangerous place for Abir and Lea to be living in...

"They’re here with me, alive"

All of a sudden, the explosion happened and I ran immediately to my family, only to find dust and smoke...

Eleni – The Story of Miraculous Survivor

The Beirut explosion has robbed Eleni of everything. She had sustained massive head trauma and a leg injury...